News Update

     The 2MFF fab shop has done it!!!! By fabricating super slick custom pieces like "The EGR Stack", "Johnny 5 Jr." and "Frankensaust" they have made the "Plastic Applicator" pass smog. After T covered his GP sticker with masking tape (he said he was embarrased of the "Red headed step child like club") we were off. With the help of some custom paint touch up by the smog guy, and a little (??????) timing adjustment, Plasty passed as quickly as a Disco ball turning at Club 54. Johnny 5 Jr. wasn't happy to hear he was coming off soon, so started voicing his dismay immediately. A whack to the head, a wire to his linkage, and he was quiet.  

"Johnny 5 Jr."


This has been a 2MFF update.